Guided Meditations | 15:00 Minutes

Kalkuna Island guided meditations begin with a simple relaxation technique, you will then relax as 20 power affirmations are played based on the track you have selected. These audios contain powerful brainwave entrainment that will place you into a Hyper-Hypnotic meditative state.

Tappermation EFT Tapping | 15:00 Minutes

Tappermation is an EFT Tapping Meditation. While using this program you will body tap on 7 EFT Tapping points while listening to repeated affirmations. Tappermation is the fastest way to reprogram negative thought patterns. These tracks contain powerful brainwave entrainment utilizing Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones to help assist you into deeper states of meditation. The key to your success is daily self improvement so be sure to visit the island daily!


Chakra Meditation Music | 15:00 Minutes

Balance your chakras in 15 minutes with these Chakra Meditation tracks, each track is played in the key specific to the Chakra you are working on. Balance one chakra you would like to work on specifically, or listen to the full album for total chakra balance!. The key to your success is daily self improvement.