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Are you ready to begin a daily Meditation practice and are not sure where to start? Here on Kalkuna Island we offer the easiest, most effective way to start and maintain a daily Meditation habit, best of all, all of our Meditation programs are just 15 minutes.

Guided Meditation
Guided Meditations

Fully guided meditation tracks to help you find your calm in 15 minutes a day.

EFT Tapping Meditation
EFT Tapping Meditations

Clear energy blockages, and reprogram negative belief patterns with EFT Tapping.

Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditations

Choose a Chakra to balance and meditate to music in the Chakra key for 15 minutes.

Meditation Music Lounge
Meditation Music Lounge

For when you want to relax to soothing music without a guided track, the lounge is always open.

What Can A Daily Meditation Do For You?
Better focus & concentration
Increased Confidence
Attain Enlightenment
Better Sleep Habits
Immune System Booster
Increased Happiness
Reduce Blood Pressure
More Energy
Less Anxiety
Deeper Breathing
Reprogram Your Thoughts
Self Esteem Boost
Meditation Downloads from our store

Download your favorite track to start reprogramming your thought patterns today and start your 15 minute a day meditation routine.

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